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Stomach Balloon

  • Gastric Balloon Candidates

    Intragastric balloon is designed for people who need to lose 10 to 30 kg and has a BMI 27 or higher. Gastric b..

  • How is the Gastric Balloon inserted?

    The gastric balloon is inserted to the stomach through mouth without a surgery. The stomach is endoscopically ..

  • How does Intragastric Balloon work?

    All gastric balloons work in the same way. Firstly, it is inserted in the stomach which decreases the space fo..

  • How much weight can I lose with Gastric Balloon?

    It is important for you to understand that gastric balloon is a tool to help you lose weight and it works more..

  • How will my weight loss journey be like?

    After a gastric balloon is inserted, 90% of the patients do not experience lack of appetite. You will be under..

  • Golden Rules in Gastric Balloon Treatment

    There are two golden rules we recommend our Gastric Balloon patients to minimize any risk and contribute to we..

  • Side Effects of Gastric Balloon

    Side effects of gastric balloon generally happen in the first 5 days following the insertion, especially first..

  • FAQs

    What is endoscopy? Endoscopy is an internal examination carried out by a specialist doctor using a camera...